Nearby beaches

With a coastline of 147 km, the Island of Elba counts more than 100 beaches, all with different characteristics and beauty. Some of them - which are situated in the neighborhood of our residence - are presented here:

Barbarossa beach

a beautiful bay of 160 m, situated 1.300 m. away from our hotel. Pebble beach. Here you find two beach bars, a diving-school, windsurf rental and boot service for the tourists. Small parking.

Reale beach

5 km away. Reale is a sandy beach with a length of 110 m. Here you can find one restaurant-bar, renting of windsurf and boots and a little parking. This beach is the starting-point to visit the famous "Laghetto di Terranera" - a lake with sulphur-water and a mineral zone close by where you can find your own interesting minerals.

Lido beach

3 km away from Porto Azzurro. A sandy beach with a length of 400 m, where you can find all the beachservice you desire: renting of deck chairs and umbrellas, bars, Cafè, parking places, windsurf, sailink, kayak.

Felciaio beach

the distance from our residence is about 5 km; a sandy beach with a lengh of 110 m, situated on the other side of the Lido beach; a beautiful beach with a little natural port; only few visitors. Parking places.

Naregno beach

the distance from our residence is about 5 km; 500 m of mostly sandy beach. The services you find are: a restaurant, a bar, parking and numerous watersports.

Calanova beach

about 8 km from our residence. A pebble beach, 200 m long. To reach the beach you have to walk a little, after parking the car. Not a big attendance of visitors. Culinary Restaurant-Bar.

Liscoli beach

at 8 km; little sandy beach with a lenght of 80 m - beside the beach of Calanova. With a beautiful little pinewood in the background. No beach-service.

Zuccale beach

this sandy beach of 200 m length is situated on the other side of the Barabarca beach. No beach-service, and few visitors - at least during low season. Parking place.

Barabarca beach

about 7 km far away; 150 m long sand/pebble beach. The same characteristics as the beach of Zuccale.

Acquarilli beach

sand & pebble beach, about 6 km away from our residence. Long 120 m; this beach is not really easy to reach, but also during high season you will not find many tourists here. No beach-service, but one little bar with refreshments.

Lacona beach

9 km away. Lacona is the biggest of Elba's sandy beaches with a lenght of 1.160 m. Here you can find all the wished beach-service including parking places.